Filling a Resin Shaker - Through the Film

 One way to fill a resin shaker with the inside liquid is through the front film. This method is good if you aren't quite sure just yet what your shaker is going to be and don't need/want to drill a hole through the side. All of these steps are after the shaker is already made, filled with the pieces you're putting inside and the top film is already cut to size. 

Punch a hole in the film. I used a screw-down hole punch.

It should look something like this. This is a good time to remove any marker from your film or peel off the protective covers if any.

Add UV resin around the edges of the shaker.

Place the film on the shaker on top of the UV resin and cure.

Fill the shaker with the liquid through the punched hole. I used a needle tip bottle and baby oil. At this point, you'll want to move the liquid around inside to check for any leaks, probably before you fill it up all the way. If any, clean them up and seal them with UV resin.

Once the liquid is in, use UV resin to plug the hole. After you dome it the plugged hole is hardly noticeable at all! Just don't make that drop too high.

Once you get this far, the next step is to dome it! 
This video shows it all finished with the badge reel hardware attached.